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One final bit of help?


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My gender is determined by what body I want to have. And that want is something that changes a lot. There are a few things that stay the same. Like wanting a flat chest and neutral voice, and not really feeling like anything in particular sometimes. Mostly in the agender range. There were male aligned genders too, but I'm facing the truth, and now know that I don't really feel much that's male aligned. And not really female range, either. However, I have experienced the want to identify as demigirl before, and sometimes demiboy. I thought it'd be neat. But the feelings aren't really present. I mostly stay in the agender/gender neutral range, since that seems to be me 100% of the time nowadays. And genderflor is the first genderfluid identity that I'm actually alright with identifying as. Like the bodies I've wanted in the past were sexless, neutral and masculine, neutral and feminine, something completely outside of masculine and feminine genders, masculine and feminine, even male. But I've learned that I don't want a male body, and definitely don't want a female or intersex one, since they don't go with my feelings. Rather just desires.

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I don't want to sound inappropriate, but I don't think it's something anyone can help you with. Sure, they can give you possible answers of what your gender might be, but in the end it's you who actually determines it. You can always not identify as anything - and that's fine too!! If searching for a suitable name for your gender causes you this amount of stress (at least that's what I understood from your post), then I think it'd be better to not identify with anything.

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While you can change your body, you can't change it on a whim, like a shapeshifter. So this is just something you have to accept.

I would like for people to have no gender, but that's not going to happen either.

On 11/2/2023 at 1:02 AM, BloodLust said:

My gender is determined by what body I want to have.

I don't really see a question in your post. But maybe reevaluate if "gender" might not include other things for you like clothing, behavior, etc. ?

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