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Science of aromanticism?


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Hey ! I finally had the time to watch the whole video. Honestly thank you for sharing it, it was really interesting!

I like the fact they took a neutral and very factual look on things but still in a very acceptive and non judgemental way, even if they don't identify as aro. The content I've seen before was either by aro people (which is fine, it's just that speaking about your own experience is not the same as trying to understand someone else's), or by non-aro but the content was a bit (not a bit) judgemental. Like I've seen once, on like a french TV show (not super serious with only official news and stuff but still a bit serious), they did a thing on aromanticism and it was AWFUL, like basically calling aros "cold and heartless" (but in french (which still sounds awful)), and almost questioning the humanity of aros. So anyway, the video you sent is good in the sense that they're maybe out of the aro thing, but they're understanding and acceptant (and I'm happy to see that it's maybe not that rare to be this way). 

Maybe I'm just a bit disappointed that they didn't find any actual scientific study about aromanticism. Disappointed but not surprised haha, because I tried to find that also and it wasn't an easy task. I'm studying biology (I'm interested in neuroscience), and for that purpose I read a lot of scientific articles (and I like that). And from the moment I started to learn about aromanticism (and started to identify as aro at the same time), I also started to wonder how, like what exactly is happening that can explain the way I feel and other people feel. And I thought (and still think) that the brain must be involved in it, I think aromanticism isn't just a metaphysical philosophical phenomenon that can't be studied and understood scientifically (basically, romantic love can be studied by neuroscience, so the lack of it should also, no ?). Anyway so I tried to find actual scientific articles on that but I failed. I need brain scans and a biochemistry explanation aaaaaaaa XD. That's frustrating but well. Maybe one day. 

But still, I think it was an interesting video, and I liked that they talked about the expectations, and how the society is not shaped for aros etc. It's usually not really talked about I think (I mean aromanticism in general is not really talked about either but anyway). And also I liked that they underlined that "romance" is a difficult term to define, and the line between "normal" and the others is difficult to draw. And that basically society decided to draw the line at the place it is (I feel like even if we are the ones actually identifying as aro or not, we probably wouldn't have to do so if there wasn't a line and different sides to "pick" to begin with, if that makes sense). 

Anyway, so thank you for the video, it was really interesting. I've just watched it, so I didn't have any time to think about it deeply and everything, maybe there are some things I didn't think of or missed some points etc, so that's just my raw reaction (but still a long one haha, sorry for the dissertation).

(And sorry if my English if full of mistakes, i'm french 🥖 (yeah no I'm not watching french TV just for the fun of it))

Yeah so thank you, everyone have a nice day/night/whatever it is in your timezone <3

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This was a nice watch, thanks! Good to see they put so much effort into this, even with what little scientific research there is at the moment about aromanticism. Great to see they made the clear distinction between being aro and being ace, even if most of the research they found was about the combination of those two.

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the sci guys are awesome!! i watch them frequently and was sooo excited when they uploaded this haha

i do agree with dobby it was a little disappointing to have no aro specific scientific studies, but not surprising and definitely not the sci guys’ fault that there isn’t any out there🥲

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