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A crush?


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Today, I started interacting with this person aesthetically, and I think they like me, and I blurted out without thinking about it too much that I like them too. And I got this feeling, I'm not sure if it was butterflies, since it's hard for me to explain, let alone remember, but I felt really excited and happy. And I really wanna date them tbh. This feeling or whatever is still fairly new though.-


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It sounds like a crush! Although just as the people above me recommend, I think you should look into it more. But remember, there's no need to rush!! It's okay to take your time 🫶

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Thank you all. I really appreciate your kindness. It means a lot. <3

18 hours ago, SwiftySpeedy said:

You should continue looking into it. Maybe your one of the variations of aromantic that experiences romantic attraction for a short burst before going away or something else. So keep looking into it! :frog:

Would one variation be aroflux, by any chance? /genq

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