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If anyone would like to share if they have pets, or photos of their pets, here is the place!

I want to see adorable creatures guys please.

I'll go first! I have a Doberman pinscher names Tiberius, a Bearded Dragon named Griffin, and a Crested Gecko named Petri! 

Here is a pic of Tiberius (he's very goofy)

Also- the background of the image is blurred out for privacy reasons. I recommend being careful about not showing faces if you choose to upload a photo!

private dog photo.jpg

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I have a 15 year old cat named Sok (Dutch for sock) who is the sweetest and most dapper cat.


I also have a bunch of cherry shrimp in a variety of colours. They are fun to watch as they eat with their teeny tiny ‘hands’. They are eating a piece of cucumber in this picture.


This is their home.


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I have a dog!! Her name is Izzy, and she's almost 5 years old!! She's the sweetest and I love her so much!!

This is a really old picture of her, but I couldn't post anything else because of some issues with the size of my files.


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I added a picture of her
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IMG_1056.jpeg.c0fa11588c5f8fb97a96c94511df2874.jpegI have a little chihuahua mix and is very snuggly austin is their name

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