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Bonjour !


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Name: Ruka
Age: 35
Pronouns: she/her
Nationality : French (English is not my first language so sorry for any mistakes !)
Orientation : Aroace

Hello everyone !
I'm a french 35yo who came out almost 10 years ago already and I thought it would be high time to connect with my community and talk with people who have similar experiences as mine :)

I'm a huge art history/history nerd (I did resume my university degree at 33yo to study art history !). Other than that I love imagination in general be it in books/video games/tv shows/stories I create. I used to be quite a big overall Japan fan but, even if it did leave me a little with time, I still enjoy reading about it and listening to JMusic (especially Hello!Project) ! Oh and I love Formula 1 as well ! My next goal is to rekindle my love for creation through drawing, painting, sewing, knitting...

I'm really excited to lurk a little around here and discuss with all of you :D

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