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Happy 2023 AroSpec Awareness Week!

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Happy ASAW, everyone!

Anyone have any plans?

I'm hoping to get some posts up on the aroace questions blog I run, but I'm not quite sure what to write about. If anyone has any subject ideas for me, feel free to throw them out!

I'm also browsing through these The MarketplACE listings to see if there's anything that might be in my budget.

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43 minutes ago, AstrophelDragon said:

Hopefully I can get some posters that I've been working on put up around school

Oooh, nice! Good luck!


Inspired by a twitter conversation, my first post up on aromanticism is on trauma-based aromanticism. It's going up by the end of the day today.

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Nothing big from me. I'm just going to make some posts about my arospec headcanons for some characters. And maybe I'll write a fanfic (I can't reveal details because it's a big spoiler for the "Danganronpa" series). There's also a chance for me making a post about a possible effect of being aro for roleplaying (I have something that one day I'm open for romance in roleplay and on another I'm repulsed by it), but I don't know if it makes any sense.

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Happy Aro Awareness Week!! 

I don't have any plans - at least for now. I'm thinking about coming out to my friends though, because I've already explained the concept of aromanticism to them and they seemed to get & respect it 🙌 

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