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Article on autism and aromanticism

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1. Check out AZE journal in general. It has some interesting stuff and well written work about aromantism (as well as asexuality and agender things if that is of interest to you).

2. I found this piece of writing in particular very interesting. It talks quite a lot about how therapy for autism interacts with being aromantic.

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This sounds even worse than what I got, though therapy for me was pretty bad too. It might be different for people labeled as girls based on gendered views that ending up married is more important for them based on differences described by Charlotte Perkins Gilman where men have historically been taught that success is having a successful career while women have been taught it's finding a good husband. The worst part of mine was trying to pressure me to deliberately favor male friends, saying this would alleviate the concerns of people limiting friendship with me to prevent "emotional affairs" if they were in relationships while completely ignoring the reasons friendships between men tend to be more limited, and also saying my already declared aromantic identity was invalid just because it was clear I was non-randomly mainly finding female friends since everyone knows that someone they know is one gender because their birth certificate printed before they could talk says so would never specifically favor the other of the only two that they ever think about for any relationship not based on romantic feelings. I was also automatically paired with male providers multiple times because evidently they assumed that was my preference without ever thinking to ask me.

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