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Idrk if this belongs here but...

Is anyone else just really sick of hearing people use "it's because of how I was raised" or "it's because that's what my parents taught me" as an excuse for homophobic, aphobic and transphobic behavior? Cuz I feel like if being able to acknowledge that you're parents or upbringing are the reason you feel like that is one thing, but if you also feel that way, stop blaming how you were raised and just straight up say that ur trans, homo or aphobic. Maybe your parents or upbringing planted that seed there but look tf around. There are plenty of us mfs who were also raised by conservative parents who said it wasn't okay and a society that said the same but it doesn't mean we agree with them. WE HAVE OUR OWN BRAINS FOR A FKING REASON.

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My dad is a huge homophobic, and even a worst transphobic. I am not. It's too easy to find out excuses. You are an adult ? Educate yourself.


(To be honest it was more television that educated me on these subjects thab my dad, but still a valid point)

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