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Aromantic characters in media (again)

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I know that this topic has been brought up on this page already, but I want to ask about it one more time - do you know any media (the form of it doesn't really matter to me, it can be a book, movie, webtoon, manga or anything) with an aromantic character, that not only is confirmed by the author to be aromantic, but it's also shown in the series? I'm talking about them having a coming out scene, or going through the process of realization that they're aromantic.


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Koisenu Futari.

It's a Japanese tv show where the two main characters are aroaces and it focuses on that.

i haven't seen it but the memes I've seen make me want to see it.





i could have put more images cause they are all wonderful.

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The words aren't used, but the characters say they don't feel sexual or romantic attraction, so I'd say it's the same (Not Even Bones/Market of Monsters)

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Jughead in his own comic book series, ‘Jughead’ :)


(Sabrina works for Jugheads favourite burger chain in this story segment and had to wear a full body burger costume for the job)

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