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I am an asexual Middle school Student who was under SEXUAL HARASSMENT during school hours.


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So let me explain, I was under sexual harassment , i don't think the person knew i was asexual unless if he was looking through my journal.

A student that shall not be named was saying comments to try to make me question my sexuality as a boy to be gay or not. He was making gay comments and making FUN of the gay community after i described discomfort with it, I took notes on what he was saying and slammed it in the face of the School Administration. he apparently thought it was funny or something. He isn't bothering me but apparently he got in a lot of trouble with my parents and people don't think he was being rude to me or sexually harassing me. Am i in the wrong? Should i apologize?

I need to know if i was in the wrong here because my friend says i'm rude to him when i ignore him when he try's to interact with me. He put me in a really dark place...

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I don't kno, if it qualifies as sexual harrassment but harrassing someone to knoow their sexuality, and in particular in that case I think this guy assumes you must be gay and wanted to harrass you on that, is wrong. Sobyou did bothing wrong by ignoring him, he was being an idiot (to be polite).

You should absolutely not apologize. He should.

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Hi. So without knowing the exact nature of the comments, I can't say for sure if it is sexual harassment or not (I could absolutely see how talking creepily about someones sexual orientation could cross over into talking creepily about someone's sex life, which is sexual harassment).

That being said, if you are in the United States, I suggest you look into your school's Title IX policy, as there may be some actions that can be taken based on the fact that you were discriminated against based on sexual orientation (regardless of if that sexual orientation actually applies to you). Some examples of these options are a)teachers cannot sit you anywhere near him, b) you move classes so you are never in class with him, and/or c) a pseudo-restraining order where he is not allowed to approach you in any fashion while at school. If you are in the US and the Title IX process has not been offered to you, request it. They legally are supposed to offer it, and definitely can't deny letting you talk to the Title IX coordinator.

If you aren't in the US, I would look into policies similar to Title IX, and request that your school does not let that kid near you, in whatever capacity that may entail.

Bullying you because he thinks you are gay is absolutely unacceptable, regardless of your sexual orientation. You did absolutely noting wrong (in fact, I think you did everything right). I wish you the best in all this, and staying safe.

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Like everyone else has already said, it really depends on what the comments were. If he was just being a homophobic asshole, then it would be filed under bullying, especially if you told him to stop. 

However, if it steps into the sexual portion, then we get into sexual harassment, which is a whole other situation.

Also, your friends are wrong. Telling someone to shut up if they were being an asshole is not a bad thing. Besides, they were rude first, you were defending yourself.

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