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Louis On Air

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My threads get most activity when they're easy, so the objective now is to be the newest post on this thread for 24 hours. Every time someone wins the we start over. If you win you get a point for every new page (of 25 comments) since the last winner. We cool?




@Zemaddog - 164 (9+5+2+1+8+1+3+4+1+3+20+4+8+1+27+8+59)

//<mmm> @Shroomie - 91 (82+1+7+1) Never Forgotten <mmm>\\

@ArodynamicallyFavored - 30 (2+28)

@Ace of Amethysts - 28

@Louis Hypo - 22 (1+13+8)

@James - 8

@Szokusia - 7

@Zorcodtoa - 5 (2+3)

@Quinoa - 1

@Ugh... - 1

@Zae - 1

@Arocalypse - -7000


(The extra-day-extra-point can benefit everyone so don't complain)


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I heard it has a taste of strawberries, but who knows? Divine flavors should not be known by the human kind, thus they would elevate to become better gourmet than the gods!

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