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Ok imma try and get my phone to syatt apitting out nonsense. It may take a while to get goi ng,  bbut once it does ooh baby does it sput out nonsense. 


Hus xhemistry lecture right now is so boring. Arocalypse is nbn a much better way to soend my time. Especially since im waiting for ny phone ti spit out gibberish. 


Hmmm t his nis tea ng a while. Ibhave to t hi nk ofn somethinf to type otheriwse it i I ablentobspit out  nonsense. 


Otta 10th bk of stuff tontype. Gotta think of stuff to type. Hurry up phobe! Thisbis lukebthebonly time i ever want you to be yiurself because every other time you're awful. An awful awfulnphobe.


I cna rbe botherd continuing. Oll nbn come bakc bkater.

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I rwally dont knoe hoe. And this isnt my phone at its worsy. It gets much much worse. Aometimes itll just afd a while bbunxh of a single letter. And theb other times it will type words onbits own, when im not even touux hi ng the screen at all. And then, just to fuck with me, it'll hold down backspace so that i literally cant type anything. I literally sxlcream because my phone is so fruatraing sometimes.

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Do you rwally tjnk you c I given t ridnof me thaM Newman's sily? Ill have you k ow that ,no matter how bikini fnruatrating my phobe is, i will persi?! Btw it type bikini wheeeee i wasnt even touchib gnome tthe ke.yboard xat al l.  Reading thsat sentence make.s it seemnlikemmmmm i was usi ng it as a swear word, or at least in the place ofnansweae word.

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