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A Fish Out of Water


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Hi there!

My name's David. I am a polyamorous cis-het male with serial limerent tendencies 🥳

So how did I wind up on Arocalypse??

I'm not aro, but I'm still some kind of queer. I think it's not all too far a stretch to say that any-sort-of-queer communities tend to run in similar circles, even when their particular type of queer isn't exactly the same 🤷‍♂️


Some back story:

My direct irl connection with the aro community is limited. In college, I had a friend that openly identified as aroace. As, I believe, many non-aro people first experience, I had the thought "maybe they just haven't found the right person yet 🤔" I was admittedly intrigued and asked a few questions, but while she hung out with the same groups as I did, she was not one of my particularly close friends. Eventually, as happens with so many more cursory friendships, our contact faded, and I barely remembered that aromanticism was even a thing. Then, more recently, circa... 2015ish 🤔 I fell deeply in love with a woman. Her best friend growing up is aroace and, soon after becoming romantically involved with the first, I met the second. The second and I have shared many a conversation regarding our individual queernesses and the difficulties and differences posed by living in a normative world. I consider them both dear friends to this day.

*end backstory*



As far as "how did I wind up on these forums?" Over the past couple of years, I have noticed many internet searches regarding my own curiosities land me on a page or two here. Recently, I not only appreciated the posts of another but felt that I genuinely had something useful to add as well. I created an account and posted in kind.

I don't know how active I will be on these forums, but I wanted to introduce myself after creating my account. I have had my own difficulties being sexually normative and romantically deviant. I'm sure my experiences will be rather different than much of this community's, but I am also quite intrigued by the ways in which they are the same. I hope that any differences in my perspective ultimately breed insight and growth for not only myself but for everyone here as well 🙏❤️

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@roboticanary The most recent string of searches had to do with different types of relationships. I keep thinking on the fact that my ultimate ideal living situation would be closely surrounded by multiple "partners," for lack of a better word, that would span from platonic to sexual to romantic and various combinations thereof. Somewhere in that googling led me to researching relationships between romantic and aromantic people and eventually to various terms like squish and QPR. A lot of that points here 😊

A couple years ago, I remember a TikTok that had the aroace flag colors in it. I don't actually remember the searches, but something in that research lead me to these forums.

And I know I had found Arocalypse before that as well, but honestly don't remember how. Hope that's insightful, though ☺️


And to everyone replying more generally: thank you for the warm welcomes!

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