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I Met Another Aro IRL :0


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I recently made a new friend and a few days ago we were talking about movies and we both agreed that usually romantic subplots are completely pointless and just annoying.  And it turns out we are both AroAce, so that makes sense!  I’ve met other aces before, but never met anyone else who was Aro, or even someone who knew what Aromanticism was.  It was just really really cool (and happened at a good time because I was starting to feel sorta alone in my not-allo-ness).  Anyway I’m really happy about this!  Because some else who isn’t just words on a screen gets it!  And I also have someone to make aro jokes with!  I’m just really happy about this.  Probably more excited than I should be?  Buts that’s fine!  Because it’s really cool to me!

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yayy im so happy for you!!


its so exciting omg, ive been meeting so many new aroace people recently and its making me so happy. like i think i met three just recently

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This is great! And...


... finally, finally there's someone here to whom we can award an aro scout badge and who truly deserves it.

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