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Hey, I'm new. My name is Judah, I go by He/Him and i'm a guy. I discovered this place when I was stalking the aro page LGBTA fandom and looked at some of the sources and it linked here lmao. I recently found out I was aro (less than a week ago) and had to tell my boyfriend who I was dating for 2 years. 

If I'm being honest I don't really like being aro mainly because I've felt romantic attraction before and I don't anymore & I just wish I could have that kind of relationship again and actually feel something yk.

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Hi Judah, welcome to the forum.

I dont think theres anything saying you wont feel romantic attraction again, but at the same time I think your situation is not that unusual. Its rough that you had to tell your boyfriend like that though. I hope you enjoy your stay, and we can help you some.

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hi! welcome to the forum!  i'm also somewhat new to being arospec, i go by he/him as well. telling your boyfriend must've been tricky, i hope it went well for you both! 

it's tricky being aro, especially when you used to experience romantic attraction because it's such a big change! what aspects of your previous relationship do you want to have again, if you are happy to talk about it? (^^) your romantic attraction may change over time, and i believe that quite a few people on here have been through the same thing, if that's comforting! 

happy to help anytime!

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