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Hello! I'm AviaWilliam, Im Bisexual and Aromantic (Still figuring out where in the spectrum I lay.) I'm a very avid aviation enthusiast, I intend on becoming a Aviation Mechanic. I play chess for fun, if anyone is down to play. I discovered this site roughly 8 weeks ago, but I now got around to signing up! I'm still in the process of coming out to my parents, every day I wanna tell them but I keep putting it off as school and such has kept me busy.

More about me!

I am a avid member of the furry fandom, (Fig. 1 my profile picture). I also watch more political TV Shows, (Currently finishing up NCIS. Im watching Designated Survivor, Madam Secretary and Breaking Bad) 

I don't know what to put here... I'm more reserved than outgoing. 


Feel free to ask any questions or give me some advice.

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6 hours ago, roboticanary said:

Hi, hope you like it here.

As for coming out to your parents, everything in your own time. hope that goes well for you.


Thank you!

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