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When you want to express friendly affection but

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to most people it sounds flirtatious even though thats not my intention in the slightest. The amount of times I've been like "oh my god I love you so much" to friends and then immediately having to specify that im not attracted to them on any level. It is. Very annoying. Happens with compliments too.

I want to tell this guy I seen on occasion that I admire him a shit ton and want to know him better but the sheer amount of times I've done that/similar things to other people and 100% of the time they think I am flirting is. A lot. Allos stop making this difficult I just want to be friendly damnit </3

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The only solution is to wear a big green shirt that says no romo. Every time they think you’re flirting, point to the shirt. 

“For example an aro says You are an awesome person” points at the big white bold letters after saying the compliment, NO ROMO. 

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