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whats wrong with me, is it normal/usual for alloromantics ? { need alloromantic advices or anyone }

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hello everyone again i came with another question while the last post i did was about { ask my anything } lol now im here to ask u guys anything Xp

so well, first hope ur all doing well <3 

well i just discovered im alloromantic about week ago, where i finally felt strong romantic attraction for my girlfriend , it started when she start dating with another dude { me and her are in open relationship } and i felt mega jealous , i even cried a bit first day but idk if i had those feelings cause i was on my period or no

but after that i explained my feeling to her she broke up with the dude and then i broke up with her as well but its more like, i changed relationship from romantic relationship to something btw qpr-romantic relationship , something in middle like a qpr that has a bit romantic in it ,indeed i call her my girlfriend bestie = girlfriend + friend/bestie so like me and her are girlfriends as besties 

but well my feelings are so mild now and its something in btw of alterous attraction and romantic attraction, idk why

and the thing i used to be lithflux in past, like i liked someone but when they confessed back i felt like { bruh what dont } or i did not feel like i need it but well im not that anymore { lithflux cause me feeling could come and go in relationship }

the thing im struggling rn is, i feel like im crushing on everyone !? like, what is it even possible !? i like enter romantic relationship with everyone { as far as they not be toxic and i dont get negative feelings for them } i like doing lovey dovey stuff i dont mind dating them { i want somehow maybe idk lolollolol } i get jealous if they date someone o i not be the important person in their life? like- i have this for most of people the only thing that i have these for some people is so mild like i dont mind much or i experience those mild for some people its way stronger,

is it common/usual for alloromantic ?

and sorry for long to read, i deeply apologize, thx for readding and any advice is amazing


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well I have no idea, but here is something which might help you.

A fair few people I know seem to have bursts of romantic desires when they are outside of that sort of relationship, followed by those feelings settling down once they find someone/some people to be with. So the idea that just after breaking up you are experiencing this rush of romantic feeling towards so many people is not entirely surprising. No idea if that is common but it seems to be something that happens to some alloromantic people.

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