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Hi everyone!


I have been lurking around here for a while now, and I finally decided that I should make an account. This community seems so diverse and inclusive, I love reading about everyone's different experiences with aromanticism! I am also joining because I just recently entered into my first "relationship" so to speak, and it has been quite a weird experience so far. I've identified as aro for some years now but I've never really had anyone that I can talk to about it, and I feel like I'd like to now more than ever. 


As for some random stuff about me, well, I'm a university student studying computer science and astrophysics, but I really want to be a television screen writer. I live in Australia currently but I'm not from here, and in fact I have lived in four different countries over the course of my life! I found out about aromanticism when I googled it one night on a hunch that it might exist, and the rest is history!


Anyway, that's about it for me. Looking forward to chillin with you all!

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2 hours ago, evilestkiwi said:

That's so cool! I'm in the ACT, so Canberra ^_^


And thank you everyone!

Awwwwww!! I'm so envious! I wanted SO bad to go to ANU!! Do you have professor Paul Francis??? HE'S SO COOL.

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