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aro and ADHD


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4 hours ago, Bumble_Bee- said:

So, I might possibly have ADD but it's kinda hard to explain how I'm not entirely sure

I wasn't for a long time!! I even got a diagnosis and disregarded it for years due to anxiety and imposter syndrome. But I looked back into it and finally talked to my therapist about it, and basically she re-evaluated me and confirmed my previous diagnosis.
In my case, I think it's because my ADHD is mild, or near there. When you have a mild case, it can be difficult to tell where neurotypical disatractedness ends and ADHD begins. But now that I accept my diagnosis, I just keep finding more and more evidence that I've had this since childhood.

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i might have add/adhd ( i havent gotten diagnosed but my mom and i both are pretty certain im on the neurodivergent spectrum, symptoms relating most to adhd/add) ( i am highly sensitive which is on the spectrum, but we think i might also have adhd/add.  

(im sorry if this sounds offensive, i did not mean it to in any way im just sharing my experience)

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