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2022 Bingo


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oof. Sort out your own spell check and add aromantic, aro and aromanticism to your device dictionary! 

I also have really high hopes for your central square being crossed out. This normal island needs to be normal again too. 

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15 hours ago, blueberrydragon said:

I wouldn't be surprised if someone tried to seduce Nessie ?

It did happen, I just want a new version with a better looking nessie.

This is the old one, it was really a very clever charity stunt by a group of firefighters: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/17W6LwzVX9sxyZlZ7MxVjgv/these-london-firefighters-built-a-female-monster-and-thought-nessie-would-mate-with-it

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