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solo men

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Thank you again for sharing that.

It got me thinking about why so little of writing about single people is by men.

I've just did a short blog about the idea because it really struck me as interesting. https://roboticanary.wordpress.com/2022/01/08/men-writing-about-singleness/

But long story short, I reckon its even more general than just singleness. Men are not really expected to write about relationships in general. So agony aunts rather than uncles, relationship gossip is marketed at women, that sort of thing. I wonder if that feeds into singleness as well.

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The article itself is quite good. Being a lifelong single at 42 I related to much of what he was talking about, the stages of singleness and such. If I may dive deep for a moment, the talk of a single man getting in touch with domestic "feminine" aspects of his personality reminded me of a concept I've read about in Carl Jung called the Anima. It's described as the Contrasexual Self that dwells in the subconscious. In the process of Individuation-the process where a person becomes fully aware of themselves and integrates all aspects of their consiousness into their personality-encountering the Anima is the penultimate stage.

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