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Weird questions game


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I don’t have a stepdaughter?

Do you ever get turned on by depressing songs while eating chips and cheese cream?

Also have you ever laughed at your grandpa because he made a funny face while being mad? 


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I don't think I had ever got turned on by those things, but it would be funny.

My grandpa makes funny faces while being mad but I never laughed at him for that.

Do you think that cannibalism is the answer to all of  our problems (it would fix the hunger in the world and the overpopulation)?

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I would like to have it in seven years, and it's name would start with V (I don't know why, I just like that letter).

How often do you think about hurting someone?

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I would stop myself from kissing one guy that was my friend just because he had a crush on me. I felt disgusted, sad and angry at the same time.

You must spend the whole eternity being an object, what do you decide to be?

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I would do it during summer to avoid the heat.

Have you ever wished to be like a ghost? I mean it in the way of: people don't see you and don't know that you exist, but you can watch them as much as you want. If so, why?

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