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Solos common cause with aros


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There's a growing number of singles who are not interested in coupling up. I think that the issues facing them is almost identical to aros. How do you feel about people who identify as single for life / solo / self partnered etc? Do you feel common cause with them? Are you involved in any community for singles?

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We face a lot of problems stemming from the same root.

Also while I suspect aromanticism is very rare, single people who are not looking to couple up etc are a massive group with far more power than us. So practically I think there is a lot of benefit to aros looking for what is being made available to single people.

So I was listening to the radio today and I heard that someone has set up a single womens group which has now got over 100 members, has regular meetups and gets interest in the local news for a project in one small city (chelmsford) in my old county of Essex. 

So while I'm not involved in any groups yet I suspect for a lot of people this sort of thing is a better bet for building communities outside of romance. I mean are there even 100 aros in Chelmsford?  Let alone 100 aro women. So if you want to build a space to make connections free from romance this seems like a really good punt.

Now maybe the numbers are smaller for those who are looking to stay single for life, but I still think helping to build these communities will be a good way to get local groups off the ground in a way which can't really be done for aromanticism

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