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aromantic funny stories

Guest Juju

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Told this a while back in aro moments but it is one of my favourites:

Me and a few friends were playing a game called 'everyone is John'. John is an android with faulty programming and everyone takes control of part of John's brain and tries to get him to complete tasks ranging from simple to impossible without John becoming bored or being knocked out. 

One of the features is that each player chooses a skill for John which activates when they are in control. So your aspect of John could have x-ray vision, say or have some form of mind control. Or in my case, have incredible sex appeal and try to solve every problem by dropping his trousers infront of crowds of people. (then they would turn a blind eye to me stealing a parachute, or throwing a cat at the pope).

This went fine until the GM made one of the NPCs react by asking to take things slower and go for a meal. I instantly thought this would cause failure by boredom and ran naked out of a shop. Looking back before the game we had spent a while talking about a cat cafe that had opened recently and I suspect this was the GM being clever and helping me find a convenient kitty without making the game too easy. But my aro-brain had, despite not knowing the word aro yet, decided that a romantic meal was a plot to make me pass out from boredom.

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In class, some peoplewere talking about celebrity relationships. Using placeholder names (A-C are classmates, X-Z are clebrities)
A:I heard that X and Y broke up.
B: I thought X was dating Z?
A: No, they broke up a while ago
C: This is why you don't get into relationships with celebrities
Me: This is why you don't get into relationships at all! *thumbs up*

Or something along those lines. I'm not out as aro yet, maybe I should stop giving hints about about aromanticism /h /lh
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One that get lost in aromantic moments I think but that I love.

We were talking about statistics in one of my class. (not exactly sure on number but I think that's it)

Teacher : 86% of teenagers had fallen in love with someone before they leave high school.

My friend : So 14% never fall in love? That's sad.

Me (internally) : THERE ARE MORE OF US!

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A few years ago a guy had romantic interest in me. He was much younger than me and very inexperienced, from strict religious upbringing. I said right from the start I don't date but he wanted to keep talking to me, essentially to convince me I was wrong. I kinda enjoyed arguing with him so I talked to him a few times. The one time I laugh at thinking back to it was when he told me that god had made us to love romantically. I asked him if that so how come god doesn't have a romantic partner and then said I'm single like god.

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