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How do I ask my aroace friend to be in a qpr with me?

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It almost feels like we already are in one based on the description- we hug, cuddle, hold hands, call each other pet names, and other things that don't fit into society's idea of what friendship is. We plan on getting an apartment together after high school and coparenting snakes and cats and maybe a kid. She hasn't ever brought up the term though, and I don't want to force it on her? I'm also in a romantic relationship, and I want her to know that I don't value my relationship with her any less than my relationship with him. Is it okay for me, as the alloromantic one, to ask her to be in a qpr?

I also want to lessen her fear that I'm going to leave her behind for my boyfriend, because I care about them both just as much and I'm kinda hoping making it an official qpr will ease her fear a bit.

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Its OK to ask. 

I would advise talking to your boyfriend as well, make sure he understands what you are doing and that it won't lessen your love for him. I wouldn't want this to cause conflict between you, especially as you talk about living together.

But you can work out your relationship together. Its not a problem for you to be the one to initiate that conversation as long as you accept her response.

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