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is it possible im on lithflux or im just one normal alloromantic?


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Hi! so uh i need help or any advice is fine, i will be so grateful if anyone even read this! <3..

idk why but i develop crush and have romantic attraction But.... when i enter one... i feel mad i feel crazy i feel i wanna shout and i feel im pretending and not myself im okay with romantic norms etc like calling someone babe.. { kinda okay } honey etc or kiss, cuddle etc .... ig its sometimes just looks like its not right... i seek romantic relation ship { even with my crush i some times desire as well } so much but always it last stand for 1 hour ;n; any idea whats wrong with me? { also when i see people crushing on me i enjoy and i may develop crush but when the relation ship start serious..... } { also when i see someone call me babe etc i may get uncomfortable for moment but then i again develop crush and again whe it happend i again feel mad uncomfy etc } 


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Hello, I can't tell you your identity, no one here but you can do it. What I can tell you is that the problem starts when the affection is reciprocated. You start feeling not you. So try to take it slow, do not rush into a relationship. If someone has a crush on you, and then after you knowing you develop one, that can be that you like or get attached to feeling valued, to feel noticed and thus want more of that and your mind goes to reciprocate it as to have more, but then your identity appears to clash and say no to it. Before seeking people for validation about you, you have to put yourself into the equation and on the top. If someone has a crush on you, make them work for it or reject them outright. Do not play with people's feelings, do not give them hope if there is none to give. Be frank, amd first explore yourself. Ask yourself, why do I feel this way, is it because of my identity or another outside factor? Your feelings are important, but you have to put them in order before going to explore other peoples. Right now, take it slow, be kind to yourself, and seek the answers inside you cuz they are there, you just have to find them

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