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Rejecting a Friend

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it would probably be best to just tell him that he's a nice guy but you just don't feel the same

oh and if there's a specific reason it would probably help to say it

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I  am sorry this is happening. That is a tough situation. In my experience I always freak out and avoid the person hoping they " get over it". Not the best method. It did not solve the problem. So I would suggest communicating with them that you are only interested in friendship. And maybe explain want being aro is if you want to.

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Just tell them you think they are an awesome person and really value them as a friend, but you simply don't feel that way about them and never will. Then carry on treating them the same as you always have. Basically... just be honest.  There is nothing you can say that will make being rejected not awkward and painful, but that's just part of life.

I've been in this situation several times. One man was weird about it and ghosted me, the others have all been cool about it and we have carried on our friendship as it was, after a bit of a cool down period in one case.

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