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What's your "type"?


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Hmmm... I haven't really thought about it but let's see...

- Tall people

- Gender nonconforming/androgynous people

- People who have an elegant sort of look

- People with really nice hair


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emotionally and aesthetically I like women and genderqueer people who are feminine or androgynous. I think humans are just fascinating. I like being around people who are confident in themselves and vocal about their needs, and who aren't afraid to be themselves.  

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 Cootie requirement checklist.

1: Must be bio male who is someplace under the non binary umbrella.

2: Must be close to my age.

3: Must be nerdy & brilliant 

4: Must be creative.

5: Must give me plenty of space.

6: Must love super heroes.

7: Preferably short & skinny with dark hair & dark eyes. (Extra points if they have a British accent & wear a long coat/cape.)

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theres a trend of the people i’m attracted to being buff, a dad/dad-adjacent, masculine or older then me, usually not at the same time but sometimes they are, like they could be masculine and older than me but not a dad or dad-adjacent and muscular, they could be an older buff father figure but not masculine, they could be buff and older than me but not masculine or a dad etc etc

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The 10% of me that experiences attraction likes men, as for the other details its happen so little that I don't really know. I'm assuming I'd like guys who are also nerdy as all hell as I am, smart, glasses, and are generally kind. Aesthetically I like really regal looking clothes so perhaps put a dash of that in there.

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Since i’m aro/ace, i don’t feel romantically or sexually attraction towards people(only towards fictional characters). However i do feel aesthetically attraction towards people, and i love people who has a good sense of humor and are kind, open minded and patient.

Aesthetically i find buff men and women hot. And of course curvy women and men are aesthetically hot as well. 

I think i have the same opinion as @Arsenic i find everyone aesthetic attractive. 

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Well, I have dated a chubby, curvy trans woman (although it wasn't by choice, I was sort of forced into it but I did fall for her later).  I dated a blond, twink-ish, trans woman who was most likely a sociopath.  I dated a chubby, autistic, trans man who didn't agree with me on much of anything.  And I dated a Japanese trans man.

I don't consider myself an Admirer.  I am open to dating cis people too.  It just hasn't happened yet.

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