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cw: talk of depression & internalized arophobia 

I don’t know if this is the right topic to write under, but it was my best guess.

I just started crying because I saw a TikTok of someone simply making hot chocolate, but for some reason, it made me think about how I’ll never have someone to make hot chocolate for, if that makes sense?

Ever since I was a small child I had been fed stories from movies and books and tv shows which all made it seem like being in love and getting married and just having a romantic relationship in general was the key to true happiness, and, since I can’t feel romantic love, sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever truly be happy.

I used to have fantasies, especially in my early teens when my depression started, that I would meet a boy and he would make everything better. Finding out I was aro was like a death sentence. 

I know, logically, that a romantic partner would not pull me out of my depression, and that even if I wasn’t aro, entering into a relationship with my mental state would not be healthy.

Sometimes I still wonder if it would make life easier, though. 

Does anyone else feel like that? If so, do you have any advice on overcoming it?

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I think it's very normal. I've not had that experience myself but I've had other related ones. For example I sometimes feel lost in my life, like I'm fumbling around in a fog, and then I think if only I was allo I'd just follow the allo script of marriage and children and I wouldn't have to think about it is as much. Even though I know that's not actually true.

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