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*i pass out on ur doorstep, spilling my mtn dew code red all over ur white yeezys*


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ok so i have no idea how forums really work and i tend to be a big time lurker but......ya boy is gettin tired of only being able to post my aro-related woes on my spam insta where all my followers are alloromantic so ?️?️......

hi ? my names nikolai! im a soon-to-be college student, currently aiming for public health but honestly whos to say my crackhead brain wont change its tune a year or two down the line ........ but Yeah! im big baby and big nerd.......currently hyperfixating on comics so if yall ever wanna talk about aro marvel and dc headcanons......my dms are open???...

yeah idk how introductions are supposed to work but im bored and sorta lonely so talk to me if u want i guess?


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Heyo nikolai! Welcome to the No Romo Zone-o! :aroicecream:

I'm not that big on comics but I love the Deadpool movies and I totally headcannon Negasonic as arospec. Is it just because she's detached, grouchy and cool? ...maybe.

Also, don't worry about the introduction, it's difficult and awkward for most people. I hope you'll find this to be a good place to spam your aro-related woes!

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Hi, welcome! If you're looking for other places to post, the r/aromantic sub on reddit is also pretty cool (though I like this forum more; I think it's a little mellower.) Soon-to-be-college samesies, I'm hoping to study music come this winter, though we'll see how that shakes out with COVID. And I was into comics too for a while! If you haven't checked out Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat, Mockingbird, or Squirrel Girl before I'd highly recommend them. I ended up getting rid of most of my stash but I kept those three series lol.

(also like fun fact not to toot my own horn too much but i,,,, might have worked with brianna hildebrand,,,,, before,,,,,,) (she was very nice) 

Anyway hope to catch you around the forums! Everyone here seems pretty chill!

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@Queasy_Attention OH big thanks bro!!? Also same im hoping to start during my school's 2021 spring semester wat it do babey!! hope things go well with ur school, music sounds super dope Big ups to any kind of artistalso i'll definitely be sure to check out walker's work!! i haven't been able to read as much as i'd like because ive had multiple periods where ill be super into comics for like. 2 months and then i wont touch anything for a whole year? so really its like ive only been into comics of any kind for 6 months total lmao,,? sometimes makes it kinda feel like im playin catch up but im havin fun so its all good!! 

(bro on god?????? that is whats UP bro on GOD!)

anyway Yeah! thank u!! from the 5 or so hrs ive been registered everyone's been super dope so i would say thats a promising prognosis on what i can expect here ?


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10 hours ago, dyychotomy said:

also i'll definitely be sure to check out walker's work!!

lol "Patsy Walker aka Hellcat" is the name of the comic. The Leth and Williams run is really good. (plus it's only 3 volumes so it's pretty short, the storyline is easy to understand even for folks like me who aren't really up-to-date with whatever overarching story marvel's got going on atm, the art style is wonderful, and it HAS GAYS!!!)

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