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  1. Really only ever once in a GSA meeting in high school. I kind of gave them an angry schooling and the day after they came up and apologized to me. They actually seemed sorry and upset they hurt me so we were all good after that! It's not good to pretend arophobia doesn't ever happen, but it doesn't have to turn into some horrible, unsafe situation all the time either.
  2. damn how embarrassing of them. this is such a struggle though, even though i'm aro and ace, it is so frustrating when people treat them as the same thing because my aroness and my aceness mean such different things to me.
  3. Honestly while I am aroace, I always find my aromanticism to be way more important than my asexuality. I will definitely speak on ace stuff as an ace person, but I just find myself more reflective upon my aromanticism more, and I feel like it shapes me as a person more, so I tend to focus on it.
  4. I haven't done Facebook because all my old family members are on there, but I post about aro stuff on my Instagram story. It's rare people swipe up on stuff/talk to me about it. Generally, it has more serves me in the sense that it's a way to let people know I'm aro without actually having to have a formal nervewracking coming out.
  5. Wow I'm glad I'm not the only one who has an aro rant spam account where everyone is allo and no one really has any idea what you're talking about
  6. This sounds like grayasexual to me. These quotes both make me think you may have an inclination towards queerplatonic relationships, which is a term used pretty widely by aromantic spectrum people. If this seems to describe the "long term relationships" you find yourself in, or the ones you desire to have, then it's possible you're aromantic. I don't think it's either/or though. Maybe you do have romantic attraction, but also find yourself wanting something like a queerplatonic relationship. This doesn't automatically make you aromantic, but it could be an indicator. R
  7. This so not a serious discussion at all but how long did it take you all to learn how to spell "amatonormativity"? I realized today that I have been spelling it wrong this whole time (ever since it was coined in 2016 by Elizabeth Brake) and my world is shook. I have written whole long posts about it, tagged countless posts, mentioned it so many times, and no one told me. I have educated clueless allos on it while SAYING and SPELLING it wrong. I can't believe my own clownery. I've somehow been spelling it amantonormativity, with an N, this whole time. How did I convince myself this was rig
  8. Air-ock (kind of like air rock but without the second R) and then how you say the second half of apocalypse. air-ock-alypse
  9. Whether we like it or not, humans tend to draw comparisons of an unknown thing to something we already know about to make it make sense. It's easier to do it for asexual than aromantic, simply because the comparisons, however flawed, are more plentiful. Think abstinency or religious figures like priests who don't have sex. Comparisons like this that help allosexuals bridge the gap between what they already know to asexuality are few and far between when it comes to helping alloromantics make sense of aromanticism. I think this is a contributing issue to a lot of aromantic struggles, repre
  10. Not a joke, but I really like that I'm good at giving advice on my friends' romantic issues lol. I just think it's kind of cool that the perspective I have an as aro person ends up turning into (what I'm told) is pretty good and helpful advice! Cause yk I don't want romance for myself but if I can help my friends out, why not???
  11. My two best friends and I say we love each other all the time! I honestly think that's probably why I ended up with them as my really close friends - they understand and value platonic relationships just as much as I do, and recognize that my being aromantic and whatever close platonic relationship we have because of it isn't gonna infringe on their romantic relationships. They're also friends who I absolutely trust not to bail on me because of romantic partners because I know we value each other very much.
  12. I'm kind of non-SAM aro in the sense that I'm 1000x more likely to talk about or emphasize my being aromantic than asexual. Like, if I had to choose between having an aro flag and an ace flag, I would choose aro because it's just more important to me, and shapes me as a person more. That's not to say I won't talk about being asexual, or pretend I'm not. Being aroace was always kind of non-SAM to me to begin with since they're both a- labels, like how my friend who is panromantic and pansexual always just says pansexual. Even my mom uses asexual when she really means aromantic. That's just my e
  13. I like "Carry On" and "Wayward Son" by Rainbow Rowell. I don't recall is the character Agatha is explicitly aro (I know she isn't in the first book) but it's super heavily implied. Her character begins by dating the main character but has this coming of age when they break up and her aromanticism gets implied thereafter. She gets a ton of love and attention and character development too so it's even better! The books themselves has romantic plots but they're queer romance so it doesn't bother me too much.
  14. I first discovered the term aromantic in 2015. At the time it was something that resonated with me, but it still took me a year or two to get rid of all my doubts. For example, I personally found myself experimenting with other arospec labels, but I always went back to aromantic. (To be completely clear, I don't mean to imply that other arospec labels are just aromantic in disguise or something similarly gross. They are completely valid identities on their own and should be treated as such; I'm just detailing my own experiences.) It can take a long time to work out your feelings, but there's n
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