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Hi! New frustrated aro


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I identify as bisexual, nonmono, cisgender, aromantic (demi maybe?), kinky woman and live in Poland.

I've seen this forum before but never signed up until now. I got tired of dating scene here. I prefer having fwb where friendship is really strong and intense, at least from my side, but people keep thinking I'm just wanting casual sex (there's nothing wrong with it) while some of my friends say I'm just overcomplicating things and need to find a polyrelationship. It took me almost 3y, in the current town I live in, to finally find a person who wants the same thing as me.

What also inspired me to come here is the fact I don't feel a part of local LGBTQ+ society (which in Poland is currently under attack from government). I've noticed we're trying to have our language more noncis inclusive, which I'm all for. But at the same time I feel I'm being omitted from discussion as bi aro, we're trying to get our rights and we use "love is love" as an argument, but that doesnt include us.

Sorry if it was a bit of a rant, but maybe someone feels like me? I don't know. Either way, hi!


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Hi! welcome there mate. Glad you decided to join this forum. and also glad you found someone that wants the same as you ^^ that is pleasant to read. You can rant all you want, it is your choice to rant, since then you may find others who feel the same and then share ideals. Now, take this coffee as token of welcome (insert tasty coffee and key lime pie as bonus)

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15 hours ago, ndxodn said:

trying to get our rights and we use "love is love" as an argument, but that doesnt include us.

In Australia we had those 'love is love' posters everywhere for a few years and every time I saw one I got annoyed, which built up to being mad at the end of most days I was spending out in the city. Though, they are part of the reason I discovered I was aromantic, because I had to ask myself why they made me angry. When I see them now they make me more angry because I know I am aro, so they feel more offensive. 

Hi and Welcome! :aroicecream: rants are good to let feelings out, very cathartic. 

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