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  1. I've felt the same, but with current fwb we went together with his fiancee out a few times. The fact that we can mess up with other people's heads when they see him kiss me and then see him kiss her it's just too much fun not to do it so now I feel much less stressed. Though I really don't want anyone to think we're romantic when it's just the two of us so I won't let him hold me hand in public, which for him is not romantic at all.
  2. Thank you for the warm welcome:) Situation in Poland is a huge problem on many levels so I probably won't even start:)
  3. I've seen it lots of times in local poly group so I guess poly people are more open to talking about it
  4. I currently have this! We are really close, we like to meet together or with other people and just have fun, we have restaurant dates, but we also fit perfectly in bedroom and have lots of sex.
  5. I read it and screamed in my mind "That's me!", but I don't relate to the rest of the post. This thread is so good and made me think about my sexlife in ways I didnt before. In general I'm a person with high libido who loves sex and often can't seem to focus on anything else, but then when I have a long break, like a month, it just turns off? Also when I crave sex I want sex, no masturbation fixes it, I just need the interaction with another human. So when it happens and I don't have a current fwb I'll look for dates on apps, I look for people who tick all of my boxes, or rather who aren't repulsing to me. And these things are mostly not body related. And then when I meet them I don't fantasize about fucking them as people, but about the act of having sex itself. I will talk with them, get to know their kinks and I get turned on by the idea of having sex with a person with those kinks, but don't connect it with whoever sits in front of me. I know it all seems dehumanizing, but I don't feel that way in the moment, I also get off on caring for the other person's needs in bed. With knowing that person and meeting them a few times they somehow merge into a real human when I add the platonic attraction and so fwb forms for me. When I fantasize about sexual things I use a gender neutral, faceless idea of a person in them or my current sexual partner's body in it (might be connected to me not being able to form an image of someone's face in my brain) I also get turned on when I see someone's body, but I will just think about certain body part, it's never the genital area though. And, to make things complicated, I seem to almost never be attracted to people I started with as platonic friends, but I can turn fwb into platonic friendship and back.
  6. I've never had a relationship that felt more than fwb. I've had a few where we actually were friends, hang out with each other in nonsexual ways, helped each other when we needed it. It sometimes ended with breaking contact, but often we stayed platonic friends when they fell in romantic love or found mono relationships. I often find polyamorous people are open to it, and understand the concept. My current fwb has a fiance who he is in romantic relationship and I'm just a close friend who he has sex with. And we all are happy with this arrangement. Sadly, fwb are often seen as just sex and no friendship and men lie they understand it same way as me. I'm also tired of them seeing it as sth to patch a hole inbetween monorelationships. These things have a name and it's called fuck buddies.
  7. I actually enjoy it, I've slept (with no sex) in one bed with a few of my friends and it was no different from them being clothed. I sometimes notice I can hang my eye on some part of them, but that also happens when they are clothed. And me being naked is something I learned to be ok with, but with friends who I know are body positive or with people I have sex with and don't care what they think. At the same time in public I sometimes suck my stomach in...
  8. Now that it's too hot for me I love the moment I unglue clothes from my body when I get home and change into light pyjamas, or even better, take cold shower. And doesn't matter what weather but the moment when I put down my heavy bag down.
  9. 1. Once I found out not all people like women (I'm a ciswoman) and just decide to be with men because pregnancy I found I was bi and never questioned. I had times when I dated more women or more men but that was usually because of all the hate I got from lgbtq+ community for being bi, or having had bad experience with men 2. In secondary school (14yo) I thought I loved a guy I was in relationship with. It started being fwb and he pushed on relationship because he was a possessive piece of shit. In the end I realised I kept getting addicted to people who show me any kind of attention and hug me. Then I dated a woman and I never thought about it, it was just sex for me as we didn't even know each other. We broke up because she thought I was using her. And finally being 22 I realised you can get sex and hugs without romantic relationships and I settled for aro label, which I was never sure about because what if I fall in love with a good friend one day? 3. Completely separate. I'm a highly sexual person and love hugging, which is sexual for me.
  10. Hi! I identify as bisexual, nonmono, cisgender, aromantic (demi maybe?), kinky woman and live in Poland. I've seen this forum before but never signed up until now. I got tired of dating scene here. I prefer having fwb where friendship is really strong and intense, at least from my side, but people keep thinking I'm just wanting casual sex (there's nothing wrong with it) while some of my friends say I'm just overcomplicating things and need to find a polyrelationship. It took me almost 3y, in the current town I live in, to finally find a person who wants the same thing as me. What also inspired me to come here is the fact I don't feel a part of local LGBTQ+ society (which in Poland is currently under attack from government). I've noticed we're trying to have our language more noncis inclusive, which I'm all for. But at the same time I feel I'm being omitted from discussion as bi aro, we're trying to get our rights and we use "love is love" as an argument, but that doesnt include us. Sorry if it was a bit of a rant, but maybe someone feels like me? I don't know. Either way, hi! Agnieszka
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