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Aromantic/Asexual 'Dating' App


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  So, I was reading a post on here about someone looking to find a non-romantic partner to raise a child with and I had an idea. Please tell me if something like this exists but I think it would be cool if there was an app or a website specifically for aromantic and/or asexual people to find non-romantic or non-sexual partners. I think especially as more people are discovering they're aromantic or asexual due to it's increase of awareness, a site for people who want to find QPRs, zuchinnis, or what ever non-romantic/non-sexual partnership someone desires. Tell me if something like this exists or if it's a terrible idea pls

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There's been a few attempts that I'm aware of. "Friendship" apps invariably end up being used as dating services by people the app wasn't intended for so they need massive amounts of moderation which in turn takes effort and ultimately money. It also has a tendency to err towards gatekeepery behaviour trying to keep people who aren't there for the right reasons out so as to reduce the moderation burden. I'm not aware of any that have been successful and popular.

Ultimately, while it's a good idea, the practicalities end up getting in the way and I haven't seen anyone tackle the problems in a way that I'm comfortable with so I haven't ended up using any of them.

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I just tried making one, but the cheapest app-making service is $18/mo. (which as a student, I cannot pay for lol.) But if anyone does have that money and wants to spend it to create an app, here's the link to the service: https://snappy.appypie.com/appbuilder/creator-software/

It was very user friendly. It'll ask you what genre your app is most like, and there's a dating option. (I know our app won't be used for dating, but the other options were like insurance, fitness, entertainment, etc.) And there's plenty of customisation options available for aesthetics.

Like I said, I just can't afford to do that. But if anyone wants to, we may be closer to our own app than we realise!

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