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Love at first sight


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Love at first sight is a romantic myth, right? It never actually happens in real life, right? (I mean, how would I know?)

Now I want a story where two people see each other across a crowded dance floor. Electricity tingles. They meet in the middle of the dance floor and dance a passionate tango. Then, over rehydrating beverages they realize that they have absolutely nothing in common... maybe they don't even speak any common languages... or they support completely opposite political philosophies, or something... 

Maybe I just wrote that story, because there probably isn't anything more interesting that happens in the story... I suppose that one of them could get pulled into an international espionage plot, the other is never relevant to the story again...

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I don't see why this couldn't be a solid short story!


If you wanted to expand it, you could have them getting whirlwind married and something never feeling right until months or years down the road they realize that it was just the dance and the music and there was never really love there.


I think your idea for this being a small part of a larger story could also work fine. Like this is just one small moment in their life that seemed big and meaningful at the time but was ultimately rather meaningless.

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I think love at first sight don't exist, only romantic attraction at first sight. And people will see it at love at first sight later when they tell their story... but what do I know?

And yeah, that could be a good short story. Or a substory in a novel, as you wish. Why not, after all?

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Aesthetic attraction at first sight is quite common I think. You can hint about it with lenghty character descriptions.

Now telling about this attraction literally does not sounds very nice in a plot. Usually people expect more of a connection than 'he/she/they looks so fine'.

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