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Anyone living in Scandinavia?

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I am interested in getting in contact with other scandinavian, since im making meet ups and general trying to spread some local awareness. so I made a group for scandinavians.


is there any scandinavians here?


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Cool!! I am not alone^^ I try to make some awareness

I made a Facebook groups for aros in Scandinavia and will make the next meet up in Denmark probably to august.


Nightnurse. Im in norway this month living in the south with my famely.



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Awesome! I would love to meet other aros. As far as I know, I don't know anyone around here like me. So it would be nice to have the opportunity to meet others. I'm going on vacation in northern Jylland in early august for a couple days, and possibly copenhagen for a days visit later in august. I'm planning to maybe visit a clinic there while I have vacation from work. Can you link up the Facebook site in a PM or something? 


I live in the south-west, but I have work until 24 july, then 4 weeks vacation. Is it far south, or south-east?

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Hi I am staying in Aust-agder area for the next few weeks exept for a few days next week where I'm planning to go to Kristiansand and pehaps Oslo so if you want and have the option to meet just let me know, I am on vacation so I have pretty much freetime.


I am planning on trying to make a aro meet up at Copenhagen pride in August and try to make alittle awareness. I haven't decide which day it should be yet but Copenhagen pride week is between 16-21 august so it will be one of these days. I know a few aros living in Copenhagen or nearby including myself. I dont know many living in jytland yet. so far only one.  


about the group. its called aros in Scandinavia. its a facebook group and secret so you cant find it unless you have been added by facebook account or email.

if you send an email by pm I can add you to the group.  


p.s. sorry for late reply I dont have so much internet while being in norway.





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