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New "Like This" Icon

Blue Phoenix Ace

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Someone pointed out a few weeks ago that it was ironic that a site for aromantics would use the heart symbol for "Like This". Since the heart is so often associated with romance, I tend to agree with that.


So, I'm trying out a different symbol. I think it looks pretty cool, but apparently AdBlock might make it not show up. Let me know if you're having any trouble seeing it, or if you think it looks silly. Enjoy!

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Wait, its not meant to be the rebel alliance thing? What's next, the cake is a lie too?The ice cream got salmonella? :D


I guess its my inner geek, because I just totally accepted, that yeah, on this site we don't like stuff. We are in alliance with each others rebellion? Okay, nevermind xD


Btw how about using something like this Thumbs-up-clipart-2.png

Or is it too facebook?

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