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There's this girl I like and we've had a few conversations throughout the school year and she'd seemed to gravitate towards me. She had also bashfully touched me a few times too. There was a summer camp I went to and she happened to go too and there I also didn't talk to her much but there seemed to be a small unspoken thing between us. As the week long camp went on I got more nervous around her. We did this thing where we threw muck at each other on the last day and though it may not have been anything, she came in for the hug with me to get me dirty with the muck (it was like some slime or something the camp provided). I wrote her a letter saying 2 major things, one of which may have been a bad idea:

**1. It is difficult to talk to you, and

2. I enjoy being around you

*3. You are beautiful

We haven't talked since but I've only seen her once since then. Any advice on what to do from here? Or have I shot myself in the foot with this letter?

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Aromantic people don't feel this kind of attraction or love (to say it simply), but hey, that makes us good advisers I think.

I suggest, if she lives close to you, to invite her so you can discussion this in person. If she feel the same that's perfect. If not, you will stop torturing yourself (I think ignorance is worst than the s'adresse you'll feel if she's not interested).


Now as @Jot-Aro Kujo said, I think you mistaken what aromanticism is if you ask here. 

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I don’t think it was a bad idea, it was very brave of you to tell her how you feel, good job.

From here I would recommend waiting for her to come to you, if you come to her about the letter it may appear like you are begging for her attention, and it will make you look clingy. It may even make you look to demanding of her attention. You know what they say in the movies, don’t call us we will call you. 

Wait for her to process the events, and the letter, and see what she says. 

Also, I should offer a disclaimer, I am no dating coach, or professional by any means. 

One more thing, I am sure you know already, but in case you are confused by the replies, let me quickly explain what aromanticism is.

Aromance: Typically experience little to no romantic attraction. A lot of us do not experience crushes, nor do we think romance is the end all be all of love. We have a different love language, causing us to express our love differently than the romantic norm put upon us by societal pressures such as having a marriage, going on dates, ect. 

Yooo, I just realized this post is from 2019..... R.I.P. 

Uhhh hey man, I hope it worked out.... 

If she is gone, then maybe try this advice in a different situation.

Should I even post this ..... Oh, what the hell...


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