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  1. There's this girl I like and we've had a few conversations throughout the school year and she'd seemed to gravitate towards me. She had also bashfully touched me a few times too. There was a summer camp I went to and she happened to go too and there I also didn't talk to her much but there seemed to be a small unspoken thing between us. As the week long camp went on I got more nervous around her. We did this thing where we threw muck at each other on the last day and though it may not have been anything, she came in for the hug with me to get me dirty with the muck (it was like some slime or something the camp provided). I wrote her a letter saying 2 major things, one of which may have been a bad idea: **1. It is difficult to talk to you, and 2. I enjoy being around you *3. You are beautiful We haven't talked since but I've only seen her once since then. Any advice on what to do from here? Or have I shot myself in the foot with this letter?
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