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The aromantic and asexual character database book discussion


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The first book I read was Chameleon Moon by Rosanna Sylver. Unfortunately the database was unclear that it was actually the second book in the series that contained an aro character. So I spent the whole read through thinking Who is it! The book was enjoyable in some ways but too mysterious for me

It's about some people with kinda x-men powers who are trapped in a burning city.


After that I read Hullmetal girls by Emily Skrutskie which takes place on a fleet of generation ships. The story follows two young women who sign up to be surgically enhanced into war machines. This one I liked. It went darker then I expected though. The aromanticism is not a huge part of the story but one of the women is explicitly aro ace.


Then I'm currently reading Novis by Rachel Tonks Hill. This one I'm torn about because I really like the aro content but I find the rest of the plot pretty boring. It's mainly about killing alien monsters it seems. I have only read a bit more than half way through.

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6 hours ago, Holmbo said:

So no one else has been using this database?

I'd never seen that before. I have been skimming recomendations from different blogs as people do reading challenges, but I haven't managed to read any of them yet as I just slogged through some James Herberts to decide whether they stay on my shelf or not. I've still got at least 3 to go...

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14 hours ago, time-is-ticking said:

I follow someone on tumblr who sometimes posts their thoughts and opinions about books they've found through this database: the-probable-aro is the blog url. 

Here's a possibly useful link.

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