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Hi all. I'm a person who exists. I'm too lazy to come up with better usernames so I'm yayroos on twitter and tumblr too.


Also I'm aroace. Also agender but I'm not too fussed about that most of the time, she/her pronouns are cool. :)


I'm a massive nerd and I can't escape that fact. I'm still in school but only for one more year and then I'm going to university (college as you Americans call it) and I intend to do software engineering. Computers seem to work for me (most of the time) so I fix them when I can for others.


I love maths and science (except biology because that's about squishy things). Basically I'm a nerd.


I'm super into the marvel movies and also the youtubers Dan and Phil because I have no life.

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Welcome to Arocalypse! I've seen a lot of people interested in computers/math/science on here already. I'm also a nerd, but I don't really like math haha.


Here's some ice cream :icecream:

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