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What Is Romantic Attraction?

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It starts out subconsciously. You don't even realize you like them yet. You meet someone and you find yourself making excuses to be around them. And then suddenly you notice these feelings, they pop up out of nowhere. You can nip it in the bud early with willpower, but otherwise it's got you man. Being around them is like the best thing ever and when they leave it's like being hungry, but for their attention. Have you ever listened to a new song or album, played a new video game, read a new book, or started a new TV series, and you just love it and it's all you can think about? All day you look forward to the moment you get to come home and spend time with your new song/album/video game/book/TV series? It's a little like that. And you don't just want to be around them, you want to be theirs. Maybe you want to kiss, hold hands, or lean on each other while watching TV. Romantic attraction (to me) is the desire to become romantically involved, and this desire is focused on a specific person.


Anyway, that's my personal insight based on observation and outright asking friends and family, "So what does a crush feel like?"

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