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Flying in to say Hello


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I came across this site a few days ago after learning about it on AVEN and am finally getting round to saying hello.  I'm an Aromantic Asexual (or AroAce) by the way.


I discovered that there was a name for what I've always been in an article I came across in the Independent Newspaper in the UK in December 2008.  Up until then I identified as Heterosexual (I didn't think I was gay as I wasn't attracted to the same sex).  I assumed that at some point I would be attracted to the opposite sex.  I tried to go through the motions in various 'romantic relationships' over a 5-6 year period in my late teens/early 20s and assumed that something would 'click in' but it never did.  I was always happy on my own but I guess I just felt pressure from society at that time.


I did post on AVEN for quite some time in 2009-2010 but then other stuff happened in life and I just wandered away doing other things.  Life has been pretty (well actually very) tough these past few years.  I think in hindsight this has been because of being an Aromantic Asexual that I've had these difficult situations.  Maybe I will share more about this at some point?


Anyway, in October 2017 I saw an article on the BBC Website which was on there because of Asexuality Awareness Week.  I then went back onto AVEN and did the Census and just started having a bit of a look round (and recently attended a meetup in my home city).  For me it's been good just to connect with who I am again after what has been a really difficult time and it feels like coming home.


It is good to see that things have moved on in the Asexuality and Aromantic world since then too.  What I mean is that when I left AVEN in 2010, Aromantics were saying they wanted their own sub-section (and now here we are with our own forum).  Sorry I'm not wording this very well but I can't think how else to say it.  


Nice to meet you all anyway and sorry that I'm probably a bit old (as I'm 45 years old).




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I love your image. It must be the cutest flying pig I have seen since I saw the fanpic of Babe dressed as an angel. I hope it is a sticker. 


There is quite an age spread here (there is even a survey http://www.arocalypse.com/forums/topic/130-how-old-are-you/). I discovered asexuality sometime around 2008 as well...maybe 2007, then I did other things and now I am back in the community. I am just happy to see you sort of are a parallel. I hope things can get better for you, and that we here can help in some small way :) 

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