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You'll find it's hardly as clique-ish here. I've never seen anyone be "polarized" on arocalypse unless they're talking about electromagnetic radiation or something similarly beyond my comprehension. You may find politics here and there, but it's hardly omnipresent and doesn't appear to be divisive, as best I can tell. 


Goofing off is is our favorite pastime. You should see the extent of the arcade threads...

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13 hours ago, Zorcodtoa said:

Please not be another AVEN

I have not found it to be so! I have basically abandoned my AVEN account too (the label police were so passive aggressive or just outright aggressive). 


Goofing off is basically the main point of this place, with a few side line topics about relationships or aspect of being aro or even just aspects about being human. I have never even glimpsed a troll here. So grand welcome to you! I hope you like it :arocapapo:

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