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I just need advice I guess


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Lately I've been extremely depressed. Nothing seems to help anymore. I see a therapist but I don't trust him entirely yet because he's my newest one (out of four). I don't feel wanted on here and thinking of just deleting my profile. I dont know what to do anymore. I refuse to turn back to self harm. I feel weak. I feel so many emotions I don't want to feel because I don't like to put that on the people who have to deal with me all the time. On here I act so happy and cheerful all the time and I just feel unwanted and I'm so stressed and I just don't know anymore. I have no friends to turn to. I have no body...

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Yo :/ Several of us here have also struggled with depression and mental health issues--you're not alone. As someone who also has depression, and done self-harm mysef, I can relate to the stress that you're suffering. I'm so glad that you're reaching out for help, and that you're still trying, even though you're feeling overwhelmed right now.


I've made a lot of friends through the Arocalypse Discord chat (invitation link here). We have a ranting channel there, where people often go when they need support. Another online resource (which has been, admittedly, hit-or-miss) is 7 Cups of Tea, which is a free, 24/7 counselling chatroom.


I know we don't know each other, but if you ever want to vent or talk about anything, you can PM me anytime. 

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Things can be slow on these forums because there are a few of us, and scattered about different timezones. The Arocalypse Discord server also has gaps of nothing happening. But none of that means you are unwanted here! 

I have single handedly been dragging old posts back to activity and would love to see some more opinions on those topics. We do want you around, even if you only want to post on the 'you're banned' topic :)

I can't advise about de-stressing so it is good you are going for help from someone who has a wide framework to draw on, even if you don't really trust your therapist you can still ask for advice and strategies. 

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I can relate to feeling unwanted (not on this site though). :hugs: 


It's a hard feeling to get rid of. I'm still working on it. My attempt at getting rid of it basically entails me trying my hardest to enjoy my own company, regardless of what anyone else thinks. It has helped a lot so far.

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