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  1. I am also INTJ... (with a lot of INTP traits, hahah)
  2. Interesting... my misophonia doesn't sound as bad as yours. I'm not exactly one to give you medical advice, but you might want to look into SPD (sensory processing disorder). Also... I think you'd hate being around me because I crack my knuckles/wrists obsessively all the time.
  3. I'm NB! The label I've chosen is androgynous, but I might actually be agender... I'm not 100% sure. Still figuring that out. I like the label "non-binary", though, so I usually just stick with that. As for gender influencing attraction... I seem to be mostly attracted to girls and other NB people, which makes me think I might be bi or poly instead of panro as I thought originally.
  4. Indeed—but my synesthesia isn't like that. Lots https://starkwafie.wordpress.com/my-synesthetic-experience/
  5. I've got a couple weird mental disorders; all self-diagnosed, though, and not too problematic. - BFRBs (body-focused repetitive behaviors) : like habits but worse and I can't get rid of them. Like I pick at my fingernails until they bleed - Misophonia: certain sounds trigger anxiety or negative emotions I also have a lot of sensory problems, but don't have sensory processing disorder, as far as I know. And I have various types of synesthesia, but that isn't really a disability.
  6. Huh. This test seems to rely mostly on stereotypes and generalizations, which I don't like. But I did get androgynous, which is my actual gender identity
  7. I'm aroflux/panro, so I'm an arospec who can still feel romantic attraction
  8. Yeah, I ship characters! Never sexually, though (because I'm a sex-repulsed ace). Romantically... yeah! Especially queer (slash) shipping, because there are so few canonically queer characters in fiction. I just want people like me to be represented in media! I also ship characters queerplatonically a lot, especially characters who I headcanon as arospec (there are a lot of these). In real life, however... sometimes I jokingly ship my friends (either romantically or platonically), but not very often.
  9. Ahhh today has been awesome!! I came out as NB to my crush, who is also my best friend, and she was totally cool with it! She started using my name/pronouns right away Also, I was brave enough to admit that I have a crush on her—she was super chill with that too, even though she doesn't reciprocate my feelings! It didn't ruin our friendship at all—just made it stronger
  10. I came out to one of my friends as non-binary! She was completely accepting. Also the first person I've come out to as NB....
  11. Ahhh this is a complicated topic!! This may turn into kind of a rant, because I'm kinda confused on this topic. So I had a crush on a boy a couple years ago, but it went away when I changed schools. I didn't know him very well, though. Then I had some sort of attraction-type thing to this other boy, who was one of my best friends at the time, but it might've been a squish? (that was before I knew what a squish was though) Then this year I developed this huge crush on a girl who I've been friends with for a while now. But it's kind of turned into a squish now? Like, sometimes it fee
  12. Banned for being discriminatory towards different types of periods.
  13. Banned for not putting a period at the end of your sentence.
  14. Banned for making annoying assumptions about my AMAZING profile pic (I don't remember where I found it )
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