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  1. The papa that means father is Spanish; papa as a name for the vegetable is borrowed from Quechua--the language of the Incas who discovered & cultivated the "potatoes" we eat today.
  2. Actor Patrick McGoohan was likely demiromantic. Those who knew him said he loved his wife dearly, but he refused any role that involved kissing or love scenes.
  3. Things are picking up on Arocalypse.
  4. It's a lot more active now. I'm getting notifications every time I come here, & there are almost always other members on the site.
  5. My notifications were confusing today because there are 2 topics I follow called "Aro memes," & there were posts in both.

  6. https://www.msn.com/en-us/movies/news/16-movies-that-shoehorned-in-romances-that-made-no-sense/ss-BB1g4tyQ?ocid=msedgdhp
  7. That's why I prefer SGRM, which means Sexual, Gender & Romantic Minority. It's more inclusive & less confusing than LGBT+ whatever other letters you want to add.
  8. 10 years ago I was diagnosed on the autism spectrum by a psychiatrist. When I was in school I was sent to see a counselor every week starting in 3rd grade. The teachers wondered why the one who was always considered the smartest in class couldn't make good grades or get along with other kids. Of the many counselors I spoke to, not one ever figured it out. They just seemed to agree with the teachers that I was stubborn & selfish.
  9. One Topic at a Time made another aromantic memes video.  


  10. Minecraft aroace:  


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