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  1. @Rony Option added. I don't think I've heard that word before, but I think I understand what you're saying.
  2. I can think of 2 movies about the horror of child marriage:
  3. The King of Masks. Hong Kong, 1996. A man who never had any interest in marriage worries that his unique mask-making art will die out if he doesn't produce an heir; he decides to adopt. Little Man Tate. US, 1991 About a genius child of a single mother who's never had a long-term relationship with a man. He also finds himself under the care of a woman who is devoted to her work, not dating. Redemption. US, 2004. The true story of the friendship between Stan "Tookie" Williams--who regretted founding the Crips--& Barbara Becnel, an author who helped him dissuade children from joining gangs. Secret Ballot. Iran, 2001. The story of an election official encouraging people on a rural island to vote, & the conservative soldier assigned to escort her. The Wiz. US, 1978. A woman has reached middle age without getting married & her family thinks something is wrong with her. She escapes to an Oz which is a fantasy version of New York City. Zeiram. Japan, 1991. A genetically engineered monstrosity has landed on earth, followed by a bounty hunter who arrives just in time to rescue a couple humans. While it inverts the usual damsel in distress story (a woman is protecting 2 men), she she doesn't get romantic with either of them; she lives for battle.
  4. I found this word "apocalypsing" describing how some alloromantics go off the deep end.🤡  Funny that it's so close to the name of this website.:arocapapo:  https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Apocalypsing

  5. After seeing people unhappy or anxious about being single, or acting stupid when they are in a relationship, I am indeed grateful not to have to be that way.
  6. Maybe you can carry a water gun or spray bottle with you. When one of them says something like that, give them a squirt in the face--then tell them they can't get angry because it's just a joke.
  7. I am the type of autistic with strong sensory input. Even a slight touch can be painful, especially if I'm not expecting it.
  8. The stereotype would be that men aren't very interested in romance while women always are--this poll shows different. @David Box & @Cee Fox: nearly 50 votes, but not many non-binary like me.
  9. I think that Chance, the main character of Being There is aro ace. Others keep projecting romantic & sexual ideas on to him, though. Born to be Sold. The Boy With Green Hair. In Canadian Bacon a woman named Honey is romance-repulsed. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. A Family Thing. Fish Hawk. Flash of Genius is the true story of Dr. Robert Kearns who invented the intermittent windshield wiper. He does his duty as a Catholic by getting married & having too many kids, but his wife realizes he doesn't love her & leaves him. Hard Candy starts off looking romantic, but...😲
  10. Ralph Nader. Never married, no romantic involvement with anyone. In fact, when he talked about how dangerous the Corvair was, General Motors hired sleazy private detectives to try to dig up dirt on him. They couldn't find anything. They then hired women to come on to him & try to create a scandal; he was not the least bit interested. Then they tried to find evidence of homosexuality--failed again. Source: The Investigation of Ralph Nader: General Motors vs. One Determined Man by Thomas Whiteside.
  11. The Thanksgiving story has Native People eating turkey.  I have never & will never do that; my ancestors said that it will make you weak & sick if you do.  b7716af83bb008867da3f7a9f24c5c0b.png

  12. @Holmbo It depends on how they are handled. Sci-fi, fantasy & even horror can metaphorically address real-world issues; but then sometimes it's just weirdness for weirdness's sake.
  13. What characters in books, movies, songs, games, mythology, etc. are or seem to be non-binary? I was inspired by an article about the game Call of Duty: https://www.yahoo.com/news/call-duty-lets-gamers-play-222947450.html I'll also mention my all-time favorite Final Fantasy character--Quina Quen. And Mogumo from Love Me for Who I Am.
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