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  1. If the word “aromantic” makes you feel comfortable then I say you should use it! You don’t have to perfectly fit the definition, even though you sound aromantic to me. You should do whatever you want
  2. Happy belated birthday DeMorgan!

  3. Right now I’m in a queer platonic relationship and the person knows I’m aro/ace. But as far as dating goes I’ve never had a romantic partner.
  4. Musical, there so magical! WYR go to the dentist or rob a bank?
  5. I felt the same way when I came out to my best friend
  6. To avoid the dread of Valentine’s Day as an aromantic, I use the day to show my appreciation of friendship. I would do like give cards and tell my friends how much I care about our friendship. Does anyone do anything similar? Is this a misuse of the holiday?
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