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  1. In the first season of Infinity Train, this little robot named OneOne remarks(after watching someone's memory of their proposal) "Plato once wrote that love is a serious mental condition." and a character named The Cat replied "For once, me and the ball can agree on something." It made me happy so see some aro representation in a Cartoon Network show.
  2. Well, I feel like the act of feeling sexual attraction period, regardless of the frequency, excludes you from the asexual identity but *shrug*.
  3. It does matter. But we're all going on an equality streak and having there be a set-in-stone female homo label and a label that is sometimes used for the male homo but is completely androgynous and the females can use it too is sexist. We don't tolerate sexism people, no matter how important it is for the Communities history. I mean, slavery is a HUGE part of US history but we don't do slavery anymore. Because it's stupid. But I guess we should've taken into account "the historical struggles and coalitions of people made it that way" and just kept slavery around.
  4. I'm only 18 and have been using the term aro for a year now but I related to your struggle of deciding whether you're really aro or if you mind is convincing you of stuff. Though my struggle was on a smaller scale of "Do I feel comfortable using the term aro or do I feel fake?". I also strongly related to the way you're dealing with it, specifically the terms you're using. Like analyzing and investigating. I work through my own thoughts in a similar fashion and haven't met many who do too. My aro-cycle was easier though because I removed all need to seem socially "cool" ages ago. So, like I said, it was more of a "Do we have enough evidence to comfortably call ourselves this?".
  5. I've never rejected someone but I've been rejected once. It was funny. He said(after I spam texted him for like 2 straight months[so many regrets]), and I quote, "Dude, I ain't gay. Leave me alone." I laughed and composed a haiku about how he actually types the word "ain't".
  6. This person is me. I went ahead and made an account.
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